Schenectady's funky little downtown bistro.


Is the Coffee Fresh? Confessions of Drama, Dysfunction and Daily Life at a Downtown Coffeehouse

Business co-owner and author Marc Renson takes you on an entertaining and outrageous journey of madness and mayhem experienced in the daily operation of Ambition, one of downtown Schenectady, New York’s most popular restaurants. Read about the celebrities who eat there and meet “the regulars” who keep the staff alert with their cosmic questions: Is the sandwich special good? Does your cream of tomato soup have milk in it? Will the Cajun spices bother me? And of course… Is the coffee fresh?

Coffee by the Pound

Pour yourself a cup of Ambition… coffee, at home! We sell our delicious, aromatic coffee by the pound and half-pound.

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Ambition T-Shirts

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In addition to fresh food, Ambition sells some other great stuff. Our merchandise includes:

Gift Certificates

You can buy your friend or family member or stranger in the street a gift certificate of just about any denomination. All you have to do is ask (and pay!)

How do I buy this awesome Ambition stuff?